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Ginate® is an advanced multifunctional soil enhancer/plant food. It is similar to a fully furnished house that is stocked with food to nourish soil microbiome and plants. It provides carbon-rich organic matter that consists of a portfolio of slow and fast-releasing food and nutrients to establish and sustain a healthy and balanced rhizosphere soil/microbial/plant environment. Ginate is field-proven for significantly enhancing plant growth and yields, improving soil organic matter content and fertility, strengthening resistance to pests and pathogens in the root zone, and stimulating anti-oxidation in fruits and vegetables.


You use Ginate to:

  • Enrich soil organic matter, enhances soil microbiome, raises soil productivity and fertility, and improves long-term soil structure and rhizosphere ecosystem

  • Increase plant growth by 30-300%​

  • Save water up to 30% and reduces use of chemicals up to 80%

  • Eliminate farm soil CO2 emission by 10+%​

  • Enhance immunity of plants and rhizosphere soil to pathogens

  • Helps raise antioxidants index and extends fruits storage time


Ginate® Applications

  • Large scale agriculture and specialized growth

  • Municipal, commercial, and residential organic growth, landscaping, and gardening

  • Public/governmental: reclamation of rangeland and post-fire reforest and rehabilitation; watersheds protection and restoration; soil erosion control and prevention of mud/land slide; landscaping and maintenance of public venues

  • Road bank seeding and vegetation coverage; stormwater and soil erosion control

  • Mine reclamation; oil patch and rangeland reclamation

  • Rejuvenation of poor-fertility soils; reconstruction of farmland from desertification and other barren formations; strategic alliance with the chemical industry

  • Environmental remediation (e.g., phytoremediation)

  • Carbon sequestration in soil

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Gaia Technologies LLC (Gaia Tech) is a minority and woman-owned small business located in Fort Collins, CO.  Gaia Tech is certified as a WOSB and EDWOSB by the SBA; MWBE, SBE, DBE and EBE by the City and County of Denver.  Working with its sister company Advanced Environmental Technologies, we develop and offer technologies and products to address a variety of needs in the environmental, soil, plants, and sustainability markets.

At Gaia Tech, we are driven by the passion of creating a sustainable future for soil and agriculture with our groundbreaking product, Ginate®. Our mission extends beyond boosting agricultural yields; we aim to nurture and revitalize soil health, reduce environmental impact, and enhance water conservation. Ginate®'s excellent performance in over 200,000 acres of applications and on dozens of crops and plants (including trees and range grass) is a testament to our commitment to rekindle the totality of soil health and champion sustainability. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that not only enhances soil quality and plant growth but also helps reduce reliance on chemicals, thus contributing to a healthier ecosystem. Field data demonstrates that Ginate® can also help shift the role of farm soil as a carbon emitter to a carbon sequester.


Ginate® is our pledge to reviving the soil back to its flourishing state, ensuring each grain and each leave enriches life. Join us in this journey to rejuvenate our soil health, sustainability, and regenerative agricultural practices, ensuring a fertile and thriving planet for future generations.


Institutional Customers

  • Alpin Gardener Limited, Colorado, USA

  • Alpha 1 Holding Company Limited, Thailand

  • Alpha 1 Holding Company Limited, Malasia

  • American Turf and Tree, Colorado, USA

  • Brightview Development, Colorado, USA

  • City of Bayannur, Mongolia, China

  • Collindale Golf Course, City Park Golf Course, Southridge Golf Course, City Horticulture, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

  • Community Parks, Town of Timnath, Colorado, USA

  • Colorado Hemp Solutions, Colorado, USA

  • Evergreen Golf Course, Harvard Gulch Golf Course, City of Denver Parks and Recreation, Colorado, USA

  • HF2M (Montava Community Development), Colorado, USA

  • Indoor Garden Center, Colorado, USA

  • North Platte Natural Resources District, Nebraska, USA

  • Purewest Energy, Colorado and Wyoming, USA

  • Siam X-traction Co., Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Springwood Retirement, Colorado, USA

  • Stephens Nursery, Mississippi, USA

  • Sunrise Garden Sully, British Colombia, Canada

  • Westco, Wyoming, USA

  • Western Farm, Nebraska

  • Zhongtai Agriculture Co., Ltd, Bangkok, Thailand

Collaborators & Validators


Colorado State University | University of Wyoming | Princeton University | South Dakota State University | Trout Unlimited (for USEPA) | North American Coal Inc.


  • Certified Organic

  • Supports Natural Soil Ecosystem

  • Naturally Increases Water Retention in Soils

  • Increases Plant Biomass

  • Increases Flowering

  • Yields You Can Be Proud Of

  • Keeps your soil healthy and pest-repellant

Randy Conard

Assistant Superintendent of Golf, Collindale Golf Course, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
“…We have been using a ratio of 100 lbs seed to 35 lbs Ginate. This is applied with a combination slit seeder/ drop spreader…
The survivability is increased and there is noticeably more rapid maturation of the turfgrass.  Establishment and survivability are even increased when seeded in the summer heat- a less-than-ideal time for seeding…
Less irrigation was needed because of the rapid establishment and maturation… Strategic timing of seeding prior to predicted precipitation events was very successful…
We are going to use Ginate mixed in with our turf seed for all future seeding operations…Considering the increases in germination, survivability, and maturation, we may be able to use lower seeding rates, meaning Ginate might actually pay for itself…”
“…The most eye-opening observation was that it rapidly increased turf maturation. This has allowed us to continue seeding later into the fall without the loss of seedling survivability from a hard freeze.
…There are real potential uses for this in planters, new construction, renovation projects, compaction mitigation, drainage projects, etc...”


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4025 Automation Way, Unit F4, Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA



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