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Ginate is a breakthrough product that cal help address this imminent crisis

“The nation’s corn belt has lost a third of its topsoil” Thaler et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (2021)

“The only thing standing between life and death is 6 feet of loose soil covering the Earth.” American Chemical Society (2019)

“Earth has lost a third  of arable land in the past 40 years” Guardian (2016)

Giante is one of the breakthrough products that can help address this imminent crises.

Advanced Soil Enhancer & Plant Food

Ginate is produced from natural mineral deposit of lignite by using a patented process developed by our sister company Advanced Environmental Technologies (Colorado, USA).  Ginate contains 80+% of organic matter, a portfolio of organic compounds from the large and stable humic substance to highly soluble small organic acids.  The broad spectrum of organic compounds serve different functions from improving and maintaining healthy soil structure, retaining nutrients, water and beneficial microbes, to direct interactions with rhizosphere microbes and plant roots. Moreover, Ginate also contains 50+ trace mineral elements that play essential roles in microbial and plant metabolisms. Application of Ginate helps establisha a balanced soil microbiome and microbes-roots synergistic ecosystem, achieving a holistic and sustainable enhancement of soil quality and plant growth.

Thanks to its unique mineral origin and strict production protocol, Ginate contains NO heavy metals, antibiotics, hormones, or other pharmaceutical residuals.

Holistic Performances


  • Enriches soil organic matter level in soil through direct carbon input and increased microbial and plants biomass growth (above and below ground, up to 300%)

  • Increases soil retention of nutrients and water, reducing chemical and water use, achieving economical savings of up to 30% water and up to 80% of chemicals

  • Establishes healthy soil-roots rhizosphere for better nutrients uptake and balance and beneficial microbial activities, which are essential for healthy plant growth, immunity to pathogens, and sustainable soil health

  • Reduces 10+% carbon emission from farmland; helps soil serve as a sink for carbon storage and sequestration

Ginate vs. Others

Compared to other products on the market, Ginate is one of its kind, consisting of a full suite of organic compounds, trace mineral elements, and beneficial microbes to raise soil quality and enhance plants growth for the long term.  The table below summarizes and differentiates Ginate from its peers.  With NO weed seeds, odors, antibiotics, hormones, and other pharmaceutical residuals, Ginate is one of the “cleanest” and highest performing soil enhancers in the market. In addition to enhancing soil quality and plant growth, Giante helps reduce chemical use up to 80% and saves water up to 30%.


Ginate only needs an initial full application, followed by 2 x 50% doses of reapplications.  After that, only a quarter of the full application amount is needed for maintaining long term soil productivity and health.

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