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Ginate is a unique all natural product with multifunctional features in raising soil quality, enhancing plants growth, reducing chemicals, and saving water. It benefits regenerative agriculture and environmental sustainability, and have been used in agriculture, gardening, landscaping, erosion and watershed source control, and seeding for large areas (e.g., land and mine surface reclamation and post-fire reforestation). Ginate is produced from natural carbonaceous resource of through a process patented in the US, Canada, and Australia.


Ginate consists a portfolio of wide spectrum of organic compounds, from large molecular long-lasting organic matter (such as humic substances in biochar) to midrange slow-releasing and small molecular readily available organic matter (such as the contents in compost products).  It also consists of dozens of trace mineral elements that are beneficial to both soil microbes and plants. Distinguished from competitor products on the market, Ginate is “clean”, free of weed seeds, heavy metals, antibiotics or residual pharmaceutical compounds.


Greenhouse and field applications of Ginate have demonstrated significant enhancement of soil quality and plants growth.  For example, data from Colorado State University and University of Wyoming showed up to 300% increase of growth of lettuce, pepper, grass, hemp, and corn.  Applications on City of Fort Collins golf courses demonstrated bare spots recovery, blanket enhancement of grass growth, and substantially faster seeds germination. Greenhouse tests of Ginate in hemps resulted in 60%+ reduction in chemical nutrients and 30% reduction in water use.  Blending of Ginate in construction soil near Denver International Airport outperformed commercial growth soil in Kentucky grass growth.  Moreover, studies in alkaline soil in Mongolia area indicated that Ginate treatment helped reducing 10%+ of carbon emission from farm soil.

35LB Bags - Retail

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  • Quality: 1-15    Price: $54.95

    Quality: 16-49    Price: $38.89

    Quality: Over 50    Price: $30.01

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